Managed IT Services – Konawa, OK

Managed Services logo on top of data center photo for el reno page.

We are proud to provide managed IT services to Konawa, OK!

If the term managed services is new to you, then we are happy to help define it. A managed services approach is a proactive way to ensuring that your organization’s computers are running smooth and are secure. Additionally, it allows your organization to be more productive because we can fix problems before they even come up. To reach this goal we first provide a solutions that protect your computer from common everyday threats such as malware protection. Next, we set an update schedule to ensure your organization’s computers are kept up to date. Another advantage is that if you run into any problems, we can remotely correct it, insuring minimal outage if any at all.

As your managed services provider (MSP), we take ongoing responsibility for securing, monitoring and maintaining your IT systems. We can help define and deliver a set of services tuned to your specific business needs. Plus, we can further reduce your security and business risk with layered security measures to protect your network, people, apps and devices.

In addition to managing your computers, we are also able to manage servers and cloud solutions as well. If your organization has it own IT staff, we are happy to work with them to provide a co-managed solution.

Our team can help with Windows, Mac, and Linux-based workstations and servers. In addition, we are able to manage cloud solutions, active directory, LDAP, networking, anti-virus, data backup, patching, and more. In short, our managed services solution empowers your organization by taking the burden of IT off your plate.

For more information, check out our brief on managed IT services or check out our managed services resource page or call us at 405-237-1267. We want to be Konawa’s premier managed IT provider!