24/7/366 Help Desk Now Available

City at Night

Night owls who are at peak productive at night, those who are working late to make a deadline, and thoughts who sleep when the baby sleeps and works when the baby is awake (this has been me on more than one occasion) have something in common, the use technology outside of the traditional business hours. When you use technology at some point in time you will run into an issue and with more people using technology outside of business hours than ever before, then it is no surprise that people need help outside of traditional business hours.While we normally do everything, we can help people, we often have to tell people that they call back during normal business hours. While most understand, we know that this isn’t providing the premiere experience that we want to deliver to our customers and their teams.

To help remedy this problem, we are introducing 24/7/365 (366 on leap years :D) support. This will be provided to our Co-Pilot Managed Services and Help with I.T. customers. You will get support using the same methods as before, you can call on our support line at (405) 977-1917 or e-mail us at Additionally, Co-Pilot Managed Services customers can submit a case via the Control Tower tool or customer portal.

How will our support cases get answered? That is a fantastic question! If you call our support number, a member of our dispatching team will answer the call and get information about the problem that you are having. Then they will send it to the tech whose skill set most aligns with the problem you are having who will contact you to help you resolve the problem. If you e-mail or submit a case via our different tools, it will basically follow the same process.

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