Fireside Chat #1 – Backup and Recovery

In our fireside chat today (4/25/2020) we discussed backup and recovery solutions. At first, we talked about the importance of doing backup. We all know that backup is important, but do we know why it’s important. Second, we talked about the two different types of backups we offer. Document-based backup, that of backing up important files and “bare metal” backup. Last we talked about how we are happy to help recover files from our backup solution.

If you are looking for a backup solution, we can help. Providing solutions for your small business is why our business exists. Click “hire us” and submit our contact form or call us at (405) 237-1267. In conclusion, backup and recovery solutions are important for any business. Disasters happen and the right solution recovery plan can mean all the difference between devastation and being back in business.

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