Steven Marshall Excited to Presents at B-Sides Oklahoma 2021

Steven Marshal, B-Sides Oklahoma 2021, Training
Steven Marshall, Warmar Technology Solutions Managing Director

We are excited to announce that Steven Marshall, Managing Director, will be presenting at B-Sides Oklahoma 2021 on April 30th. The topic of his presentation is how to make cybersecurity training engaging. B-Sides Oklahoma is a conference for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts alike. You can purchase tickets for 10 dollars here if you would like to attend B-Sides Oklahoma 2021.

Multiple studies have found that cybersecurity training is a key part to an organizations cybersecurity strategy. What would your employees do when faced with a phishing e-mail? Moreover, are your employees using strong passwords? Above all, this impotent training will ensure that your employees are prepared with the information needed to keep your organization’s information secure. If so, contact Warmar Technology Solutions today to have us provide training today. You can reach us at (405) 237-1267 or submit a request via the “hire-us” page.

How do you make Security Training more engaging?

If you have ever participated in an escape room, you know how fun they can be. Firstly, we should understand why security training isn’t engaging. Generally, your employees are focused on the goals of your operation. Unfortunately, of the matter is that cybersecurity training is just another “to-do” that needs to be done. Our training incorporates elements from things like escape rooms to the training more engaging for your employees. The result is that your employees have a more memorable experience that makes retaining the information. Your employees will feel equipped when facing social engendering. Consequently, this will make your organization less of a target for attackers.

About B-Sides Oklahoma 2021

BSidesOK is an information security conference focused on practical knowledge that is widely available to the community. Our goal is to improve information security skills and awareness through sharing, with inexpensive training classes and a conference for attendees. The conference includes hands-on challenges, talks, food, and drinks(grownup and otherwise). All would not be possible without our Sponsors and our amazing Volunteers!

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