Steven Marshall

CEO & Managing Director

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Steven Marshall

Quick Facts

  • Southern Oklahoma Technology Center
  • Southern New Hampshire University
Certifications (Past and Present)

A+, Storage +, Security +, Microsoft Certified Professional, VMwear Certified Professional, SNIA Certified Storage Architect, SNIA Certified Storage Engineer, Brocade Certified Network Engineer, Oklahoma Competent Micro Computer Repair, Oklahoma Competent Micro Computer Networking, Dell Certified

About Steven Marshall

Q: What do you love about technology?

A: Technology allows people to do really awesome things that wasn’t thought possible even 40 or 50 years a go.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

A:” Ignore the people who tell you it won’t work, and hire people who embrace your vision.” -Micheal Dell

Q: Who has inspired you the most?

A: So many great people have had an impact on my life and it is hard to say who was/is most inspirational. However, Jayne Lynch is likely the most non-related (though she clammed me as a son) person. My wife and kids are likely most inspirational  family. However, no one compares to the inspiration I find from Jesus and his life and death here on earth.

Q: What community events are you part of? Being part of our local community is very impotent to me. We have been part of National Night Out, Haunt Old Town, We volunteer at First Moore’s VBS and are always looking do other things.

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You can reach Steven at 405-237-12673 or by using the form below: