Online Safety 2023 – Moore

Tools for How to Be Safe On-Line

In our event, we will give tools to be safe online. We will have three diffrent sessions: Senior Adults, Kids, and Parents.

In each session, we will go over diffrent aspects of what happens online and how to be “safe” while being a member of the digital community.

Our Moore event will be held at the Moore Public Library in room B on 9/22/2023

Registration Link:

Senior Adults – 4:00PM – 9/22/23 – Click Here
Kids – 6:00PM – 9/22/23 – Click Here
Parents (Online Webinar) – 9/21/23 – 7:00PM –

Disclaimer: This event is intended for educational purposes only. The organizers and hosts shall not be held responsible for any actions taken based on the information presented during the event. Participants are advised to exercise their discretion and seek professional advice for specific concerns related to online safety.