Help with I.T. Service Plan




We understand that I.T. can be complicated for small business owners and with the price of everything going up, we wanted to give a solution to help reduce the burden of I.T. services. Our Help with I.T. service plan allows you to pre-purchase help-desk and in-office “bench” time at 20% off. The hours are valid for one year after account activation. This plan includes 2 Hours of help-desk and 1 hour of bench time (usually $75.00 an hour). Plans start on 2/1/2023.

Help-Desk Services:

  • Hardware Drive Installation
  • Basic Configuration and/or diagnostics of network connectivity
  • Basic OS error Diagnostics
  • Core Application Install Support
  • Connectivity to Printers
  • Connectivity to Server
  • Spyware / Virus Removal / Remediation / Containment
  • Smartphone / Tablet connectivity to E-mail Platform
  • Terminal Server Profiles / Sessions

Work Bench Services:

  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Hardware Installation (Hardware not included)
  • Upgrades
  • Physical Cleaning

*Each ticket has a 30-minute minimum. Workbench time can be exchanged for helpdesk time.


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